SCAN Press release

12th September 2019



Students unite with climate activists from across the world on September 20th to demand climate action to reclaim their futures.


An incredible movement of more than 15,000 students, campaigning for radical and systemic action on the climate crisis, is building momentum and support. Students, outraged that their government is not taking the vital steps necessary to limit the effects of climate change, say this inaction will greatly impact the lives of future generations to come. They say their futures are at risk and they are fighting to save them.


Students feel that the best way to bring the necessary attention to this pressing issue is to come together on Friday September 20th and strike during school or working hours. This 3rd climate strike is youth-led but they are calling on everyone to join with them.


Mira Henchi, a student in Cork Educate Together Secondary School, said: ‘This crisis is an intergenerational issue - we're all in this together, young and old. It has been proven that the strikes have made a ground-breaking difference (as seen in the last European elections), so we need everyone to come out and reclaim our futures’.


Molly Gordon Boles, a student from Temple Carrig school in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, said: ‘We ask people of all ages to join our strike this time. If there is to be a solution to this climate crisis, we need every single individual to make a stand and work together. This is not just a responsibility for students, it is a global issue that needs to be tackled together’.


Shona Edge, also a student from Temple Carrig added: ‘The strikes will only continue. If we do not point out the fatal flaws in the government’s approach on climate action, who will? We want to disrupt the system that disrupts our futures’.


Molly Mercier Redmond, a student from North Wicklow Educate Together Secondary School, said: ‘We are striking again because what we called for hasn’t been delivered, the government must put the climate breakdown at the forefront of all decisions. We need everyone to join us, from babies to elders and everyone in between. Who’s future? Everyone’s future!


Grainne O’ Sullivan, also a student from North Wicklow Educate Together, added: ‘I will always protest for climate action and will always support those who do, but I hope that I won’t have to, that soon the Irish government will act. For that to happen we need everyone's support no matter what age. March with us, stand with us, support us on September 20th’.


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Note to editor:

A map of national events has been created. This facility allows for decentralised student-led events to be mapped nationally.


Details of the protests


12:00 - gather at Custom House Quay

12:30 - march to Merrion Sq

1pm - stage at Merrion Sq (government buildings)

2pm - ends



12:00 gather at City Library

12:20 march Patricks Street, Parnell Place, South Mall and loop back to City Library

2pm - ends